What is this?

Working with Locations Suck! The world isn't flat. Use this service to help you with handling location data.

IsLocation is a web service dedicated to helping you handle location information within your apps.

Here are a few use case:

  • How far is one place from another
  • Filtering coordinates out that aren't within a certain range
  • Get Lat/Long for a landmark, point of interest or address
  • Reverse Lat/Long into an address
  • Places nearby a certain Lat/Long


Pricing is simple. One-time fee of $5 for an entire year. You will see the API token in the window after purchasing.


Can I try it out before buying?

  • You can try the API out within Postman. There's a testing token within the collection. Run in Postman

Where do I file bugs and issues?

Anything I should be aware of before using this service?

  • Some routes wrap around the Google Maps API. These routes are marked in the docs. By default, isLocation utilizes the Google Maps free tier. Pass in YOUR own Google Maps API token to these endpoints to avoid rate-limiting by Google and reliability issues.

I don't want to send out information to a 3rd party service. Can I host this on my own servers?

  • You can! Ask me, and I'll send you the code and instructions.

What happens if your service shutsdown?

  • If you paid for my service, I'll give you the server and processing code-base for free.